• How to Play?
  1. Register for FREE with your mobile number.
  2. To participate in contests, you have to join the contests by paying real money.
  3. Tap the right answer quickly as you can while playing the contests.
  4. Winners are announced based on players ranks as per no. of correct answers given & time taken.
  • What are daily, weekly & monthly contests?
Contests that you join & play on same day is called Daily contests. Contests that you can join every week & play on a particular day is called Weekly contests. Contests that you can join once every month and play on a specific day is called Monthly contests.
  • How to Join contests?
You can join contests by paying some money using payment methods mentioned in app.
  • Is adding money to play, safe ?
It is absolutely safe & secure. We have partnered with Paytm payment gateway that uses advanced security to process your payments.
  • When I can play the contests?
You can play the contest on exact date & time mentioned in contests detail page in App.
  • How can I win?
If you play the contests, gives more correct answers in less time and based on that comes in rankers list as per leaderboard. Then you will definitely win some money.
  • What will happen if more than one users give same correct answers in same time.
Random winners will be selected by an automated system.
  • How can I increase my chances to win big amount?
The more correct answers you give and the fast you answer the questions, more chances to win big amount.
  • What is play money?
It is the money that you can use for playing contests but can not be withdrawal.
  • What is Winning Money?
It is the money that can be withdrawal and also be used for playing contests.
  • What is free pass?
Free pass can be used for joining in any contest regardless of entry fee.
  • How Wallet balance is calculated?
Wallet balance is the sum of play money & winnings amount. Once play money is used, entry fee will be deducted from winning amount.
  • How can I withdraw my money from mChamp Gold?
You can withdraw your winning amount in your Paytm wallet or to your a/c using UPI method.
  • Can I join more than 1 contest?
Ofcourse, you can join multiple contests to increase your chances to win more cash prizes.
  • What will happen if I join the contests but doesn't play?
In this case, you will not be eligible to win any prizes. You will lose your joining amount.
  • What do you mean by canceled contest?
If number of participants is less than the minimum requirement for the running of a particular contest then that contest will get canceled. Joining amount of participants will get refunded and will get added in user's play money. This money can be only used for playing other contests.
  • What happen, If I disconnected while playing the contest?
In this case, you will not able to finish the contest successfully and ultimately you will not be eligible for winning any prizes. You will also lose your money. So while playing contest, make sure that you have a good Internet speed.